Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bringing It Back!

That's right people. Blogging is making a return, and I (and some other douchebag) are bringing it back!

With only 15 days of University left to go, I am looking forward to bringing my twenty year stay in education to an end and finally start living. No more replying to invites to awesome events with, "Sorry, I don't have the money." No more wearing the same two jumpers for an entire winter, or the same two T-shirts for the entire summer. I may finally be able to start having a life, something I am much looking forward to.

Although I am looking forward to finishing my stay at University, I will be sad to leave certain things behind. The ability to stay in bed until midday on days with no lectures. £1 drinks at The Friary followed by three hours of rock 'n' roll in Mosh nightclub. No more knowing that James Medlin and Halliday's tax payments are funding my night out. Especially James Medlin's as he recently found out he has been paying too much tax. It has been a good ride, but it is time to move on.

Next month brings with it Download Festival. I am making the most of the last month of accommodation in Derby by commuting to the festival and getting to sleep in a real bed, and have access to real bathroom facilities. Although past festivals have presented line-ups far too heavy for my taste, I have gone along anyway and still had a great time. This year thought, I am actually excited. Although last year had legendary acts such as AC/DC and Aerosmith, this year has a more complete line-up, with bands I actually want to see during the day. I may be able to actually stand come the headliners this year, as the undercard is far less of a chore.

One of the things I am probably looking forward to most about leaving University is that I may finally be able to go to watch Arsenal on a regular basis. Just as I started to go again after the move to Ashburton Grove made tickets available again, I left the south to move to the midlands for what turned out to be five years. I am looking forward to many days out in London, and hopefully results to complete the experience. Knowing my luck, next season will bring with it yet another crushing defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, and a spring collapse to end hope in all competitions.

The topic of man crushes has recently cropped up among the blogisphere, notedly in Although popular belief is that I have a man crush on Orlando Bloom, I simply admire him for having similar features to myself. In now way do I feel he is superior to Leonardo Di Caprio, who has appeared in many of the greatest films known to man.

Anyway, blogs people, we're bringing them back!!!